Founded 1915

Co. Tipperary

A Glorious Tale by Enda Nolan

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Our club poet Enda Nolan marks our maiden County Senior Hurling title with another brilliant poem. Great stuff again from Enda :)


Hello there dear sir

tell me what is your name ?

I hope porter’s your poison

and hurling your game

For I have a wee story that no man has told

A New York best seller of the north blue and gold


We will start at the start

no better place to begin

As nippers we sat

taking everything in


We were told of A giant sleeping under our grass

And that an almighty effort would up lift its ass

Growing older I thought this was only a ruse

Told by old hurling nutters and they full of the booze


But I witnessed our Jimmer so passionately say

that this giant will arise

and we will have our day


Eamon Kelly believed and we all played our part

But little did we know

that this was just the start


Young eyes they were watching

taking everything in

The fire was a-lit

let the journey begin


They carried our torch at a much greater height

Slowly lifting that giant with all of their might


They won more north titles

Than Iv gone to mass

I confess !!

My dear Margaret will redden my ass


But no place for religion

There was more here at stake

To bring back Dan Breen for us all for gods sake :)!!



We suffered 2 losses ‘twas like divorcing a spouse

But worse, way way worse, I could not leave the house


I can only imagine the hurt they did feel

And to come back from this would take men made of steel


But our boys they returned with their face masks and all

And said f**k you corona

We’re here to play ball


So they hurled their socks off

every club in our land

And stood proud on O Riain with

Dan Breen in their hand



That giant that our Seamus told many an ear

Burst up through Ballycommon , Monsea and Dromineer

Then plowed straight through Urra, Puckane , Mc Grath’s Bar

That mad Newport f**ker will sell beer from his car ,:)



It’ shook the poor dead lying deep in Cloughprior ,

And in Carney, Killodernan the place was on fire !


Our great club has arrived now get used to our crest

That our boys proudly bare high upon

their young chest.


Well sir !

That's part one of our story

You’ll admit

Was a glorious tale

Now our boys will go mad and go swimming in ale :)

May I speak for us all when I say

Thank you boys

It was a pure joy to witness

Your hunger

Your passion

Your drive

Spare a thought for our dead🙏

for tonight they’re alive ..❤️

Glory Kiladangan


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